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Trying To Decide on Glasses or Contact Lenses? Consider Having Both!

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There are a number of reasons you might prefer contact lenses to standard eyewear: a glasses-free look, hassle-free vision correction, wearing non-prescription sunwear or goggles. If you have a high prescription or astigmatism, contact lenses may provide more enhanced vision correction than glasses.

We specialize in contact lens exams, contact lens products and training for new wearers.
During a complete eye examination, Dr Harris would be happy to let you know if you are a candidate at which time he will recommend contact lenses that would best fit your visual needs.

There are dailies, weekly or monthly disposables, whether for single vision, multi-focal, mono-vision or Rigid Gas Permeables, (hard contacts).

There are contact's that fit most lifestyles. If you or a loved one is ready to try contacts, call today and schedule an eye exam and include a contact lens exam.

Our friendly and experienced team will provide you with their expertise regarding your eye care needs.

Our knowledge in the eye care industry, such as your insurance coverage, frame and eyeglass lens products, contact lens products and eye drop products both prescription & over-the-counter is much appreciated by our patients and customers.

We truly care about you having the best possible vision. Many do not realize the best way to protect your vision is with a yearly eye exam. Call today & schedule an eye exam for you and a loved one.

Seeing Better is Living Better!

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