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Established in 2000, Olympic Eye Care has been serving the Gig Harbor area for 20 Years; a Tradition of Quality Eye Care for peninsula area residents. Doctor Jeffrey Harris has extensive experience with diagnostics and treatment of eye disease, and serves families of all ages, as well as seniors over 60 years old.

Olympic Eye Care - Serving Gig Harbor for 21 Years

Established in 2000, a Tradition of Quality

When we say 'Seeing better is living better,' we truly believe that. If you live your life with some sort of blurred vision, please schedule an eye exam today.

Let us help you improve your daily quality of life with something as simple as purchasing a pair of prescription eye glasses. Clear vision can truly change your life. Don't wait another moment. Enjoy
everyday to the fullest with the clarity you deserve.

Each individual has unique visual requirements, whether you have astigmatism, hyperopia (far-sighted), myopia (near-sighted) or your intermediate vision is blurred, such as a computer screen, or difficulties with reading and over the counter readers no longer work.

Prescription lenses can improve your life everyday,
whether it be at home, work or play.

At Olympic... Read More

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What You Can Expect From Olympic Eye Care

- At Olympic Eye Care, we are a dedicated team to go the extra mile to be the family eye care clinic you choose for your eye care needs.

- We strive to provide a comfortable, friendly and inviting atmosphere for our patients.

-Exclusive expert advice from trained opticians and eye care professionals

-Honesty in helping you choose a frame that best fits your image & lifestyle

- Education and advise regarding lens products and options that will help you achieve the best vision

- If you have an eye urgency, Dr. Harris & his team take this seriously, if the Doctor is in the office, we will see you within 24 hours, usually same day

- Free frame adjustments, lens cleaning and replacements of nose pads

-Free and same day handling of minor repairs

-Service that lets you know we truly care about your vision and your eye c... Read More

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